About Chiara D’Agostino


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After the tumultuous journey of a life-changing experience - cancer, I am ready for the next positive adventure. I want to REALLY live, not merely pay my bills; pursue something with intention, that I LOVE- that makes me enthusiastically stay up at night and put on my heels in the morning and continue with fervor! What does that look like?

A seasoned traveler, I desire to harness this passion and skill in my career. I aspire to work as an international liaison with a global organization. My joys include fashion, modeling, art, design, event planning, travel, fitness and helping others. As I wait to finish treatment for breast cancer, I have been doing what comes naturally to me: modeling, promoting via public relations and marketing on social media, event planning, fundraising, consulting, and writing both for my blog and other publications. 

I have a wide educational and professional background; I earned my Master's Degree in Italian Culture at Middlebury College, a Bachelor's Degree in Dance at SUNY New Paltz, and several certificates in education, both here and abroad. In addition I have won several scholarships and grants to study in Italy where I also worked and lived for four years.

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Until I got diagnosed with breast cancer, I taught Italian in the public school system in New Jersey, which taught me to think fast on my feet, to stay calm under pressure and exceptional public speaking skills. Prior to teaching, I held positions in New York City as a Production Assistant and President's Assistant, where I honed my multitasking and interpersonal skills. Current founder, secretary and Webmaster for UNICO Montclair, I am fluent in Italian, proficient in Spanish, knowledgeable in Latin and certified to teach English as a Second Language.

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