Where do I want to focus my energy? Into making myself strong! I'm making myself strong by meditating, surrounding myself with positive affirmations, journaling, exercising, spending time with healthy people that inspire me and make me laugh, reading, praying, listening to self-help books and helping others. How does this translate for me today? I go to mediation class at least once a week and have a home practice, I walk three miles a day with the dog - who brings me joy - I listen to Jeffrey Archer's "The Power of Intention," Tara Brach's "Radical Acceptance," read "Loving Kindness" by Sharon Salzberg and "Self-Compassion" by Christopher Germer, I say the affirmation "I chose Love and Joy" often, I reach out and help friends and family in need, pray daily, attend mass on Sundays and I spend time with those who I aspire to be like and make me think and laugh. I also have a goal: to find a career and carry out a lifestyle that is healthy for me and brings me joy. This combination keeps me moving in a direction where my legs feel stronger, metaphorically an physically, and I feel more rooted every day.