What's a woman to do when the Hay House Conference comes to town? Grab your girlfriend and head over to the Javits Center to hear some of today's leaders in healing share their stories; my favorites were Dr.Christian Northrup, Kris Carr and Gabrielle Bernstein - what positive messages from intelligent, intuitive women and dynamic speakers! I thanked the wise and beautiful Dr. Northrup for her message in the movie You Can Heal Your Life, "When a woman is in her power, she raises the vibration of everyone around her;" a truth I've known for seven years.  Mike Dooley generously gave me a copy of his coloring book Notes From The Universe to use while recovering from my upcoming prophylactic mastectomy. I got to hug my #cancersister, the vibrant Kris Carr; Crazy Sexy Cancerfirst cancer film I watched after being diagnosed, giving me hope and an idea of what was to come. The icing on the cake was a surprise extension of love from James John Malaniak, founder of LAFLove Appreciate Forgive. Not only does he write about how to love in the book he co-authored with his family, How to Love Myself and Other, but he spreads love with his kind and loving words and actions; he's the modern-day (and handsome - but taken, ladies!!) Amma! And... what's a day without having fun - Sherri and I put on silly accessories and took photos; laughter is also important!

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