Mary's Place By the Sea won third place in Revlon's #LoveIsOn Million Dollar Challenge for women's health non-profits. At The Rainbow Room in New York City, Revlon hosted a glamorous event for their top winners; Mary's Place graciously included me in their RSVP. Star-struck by the beautiful Revlon ambassadors Halle Berry and Olivia Wilde, I tried using the C-card to photograph with them but their agents wouldn't have it; after all, isn't women's health what it's all about? I'm about to have a mastectomy in two weeks! NBC studios, just a few flights down, is where Seth Meyers films for his Late Show; no coercion was needed to smile and pose together, what a (good-looking) gentleman! If this is what being single is like, I'll take it!

Chiara D'AgostinoComment