I'm going out without a wig now. My hair is starting to grow back in. It's nothing like it was before I went through chemotherapy - long, blonde and wavy. When I walk around the new York City streets, I get stopped all the time and complimented on my hair. They must think it's a statement. Sometimes I say "Thank you," but if the person and I strike up a conversation, I'll include "It's due to chemo." Like today, a very nice gentleman crossed Carmine Street, West Village, to tell me how much he loved my hair! After some small talk, and the revelation of the source of my do, he insisted on buying me a peace of jewelry from the vendor I was admiring. I had been eyeing the heart necklace, and the gentleman obliged. I've been feeling invisible lately, so it was nice when I got noticed, complimented, and treated to something nice. I notice these little miracles, and am grateful for them. 

Sunglasses: www.burberry.com

Dress: www.splendid.com

Necklace "Le Primitive": www.themarketnyc.com

Artist "O": www.cafepress.com