I sat at the table with other single women, and one couple, at my best pruned Doni's wedding. That was thoughtful of her. With my new "single" status on Facebook, the last place I wanted to be was at a wedding; I'm cynical about relationships these days. I threw on that dress he bought me a couple of years ago and wore it for the first time. I was surprised it fit - I had gained weight while I was studying in Italy last year, but chemo did it's job and one of the side effects I was pleased with was the shedding of those extra fifteen pounds! The dress flattered me and, strapless, I was shocked stayed up! My left breast is expanded with 300 ml of saline, so it could pass for a boob, from far away. It felt satisfying to bless Doni with her new future, and of course, there's nothing like being with friends!

Necklace & dress: