Monday the chain of events started: I saw my primary care physician, whom I was unfamiliar with since my health insurance changed. My friend Kathy came to the appointment. The doctor looked worried as she examined me, refraining from "it's probably a cyst" or "don't worry." Consequently, a mammogram and ultrasound were booked the next day, followed by a biopsy. I gathered from the urgency of poking and prodding that something was awry. You could imagine my bewilderment: the mammogram and physical I had just two months prior showed "normal" results. Evidently, my breasts are dense tissue, making finding a tumor "like finding a snowball in a snowstorm," explained Dr. Huston, the breast surgeon. Ladies, if you have dense breast tissue (ask your doctor), don't stop at a mammogram. The result of the exams was a malignant tumor; the "C" word, cancer, at 2.3 cm diameter.