I'm a social person and during trying times, I need the support of my friends and family. I decided I needed a village to help me get through this, so I threw a "Fuck Cancer!" party and invited over 100 guests. The event was on Saturday, November 22nd, the night after my first chemo, and the day I got my Neulasta shot - a cocktail of white blood cells. I was told I may experience joint pain, but I didn't; instead adrenaline took over as I blew up balloons and hung streamers with my friends. I received my apropos tank top from www.fuckcancer.org and donned my tiara for the event. My head was loopy and I felt a little weak and dizzy, but I was surrounded by love and that's what mattered. I wanted photos with my friends while I still had my long, blonde locks, so I treated myself to my last blow out and a manicure: pink with white tips! I told my story over and over; it was exhausting but I didn't mind, I figured people asked because they cared. If the tables were turned, I'd want to get the scoop from the source, too. At the end of the night I felt enveloped by love!