Right before my second chemotherapy session, my hair was falling out in clumps, in my hands, after a shower. Usually several strands of hair come out when I brush my hair, but this was more than the norm; I realized the time had come to shave it. I called Just For You Wigs and arranged to pick up my wig and get buzzed. My fun friend Gail came with me and again, created humor - I am so grateful for her! The woman who shaved my head cut it short first - even let me trim a few pieces - then shaved it off. They agreed I have a nice shaped head, a compliment I had never received before! I was introduced me to my new do - my blonde wig; it feels like a helmet. But, with Gail cheering me on, I know it's the best of what I can do from this unfortunate situation. So, I made friends with my new wig, it comes with me everywhere I go: I feel like I have a pet with me, an annoying pet that gives me a headache.