All the test results from my scans came back fine, hooray! The cancer has not spread to my bones or the rest of my body, I feel so blessed! The BRCA blood test came back negative too, more good news; I don't automatically need a double mastectomy and my ovaries removed. Dr. Abo said I could freeze my eggs in case I want to have children in the future because I'd be entering early menopause, but I have no intention on having children in my forties. Early menopause? Will anything be left sacred? The MRI did show another mass in my left breast, which I got biopsied and resulted negative for cancer. I just keep showing up wherever I am told to go and I make sure to bring a friend with me. Even though I have to go through the physical part alone, a friend is with me in the waiting room, distracting me while I wait my turn under the microscope. Without fail, Rachel Ray is always on television in the waiting room - she seems to be the only constant in my life right now.