I saw another breast surgeon last week, Dr. Michele Blackwood, for a second opinion. She is more aggressive and recommends a mastectomy after chemotherapy, followed by radiation. I'm in shock at the mention of such radical surgery. I can't imagine my beautiful, sensuous breast being removed from my body; what would be left, something plastic in it's place? Would I look like Pamela Anderson from Babewatch, with a watermelon on my chest? What would happen to sensation, to arousal during sex, to my self-esteem? My boyfriend came with me to the appointment, but we argued in the waiting room and he left, so I was alone with the doctor; I didn't hear anything past "mastectomy." She ordered an MRI for me to get a thorough look at both breasts. There's controversy about getting an MRI, because it could make your breast tissue "light up like a Christmas tree," which sometimes causes doctors to recommend surgery when it may not be necessary. I chose to get the MRI. I'd rather know now if anything else is growing in my breasts.