This bag is such a statement piece, it takes on a life of its own. I found it at Atelier, on Church Street in Montclair, NJ. I'm impressed with what it's made of - bits of wedding dresses in the front, and a bath mat on the back, sewn onto a satchel with bamboo handles. At first, I felt like I was carrying around a little poodle, but then a woman called it my "angel bag" and that's more fitting; it's light and airy and its layers flow with the breeze. The jumpsuit with pineapples: another statement piece! I found it in NYC displayed on a mannequin with a teddy bear head in the window of Pinkyotto. It caught my eye so I tried it on and had to have it. It is pretty low-cut, so I wonder what it will look like after I have my reconstruction - will it show cleavage?




Jewelry "Le Primitive":