How can I treat this four inch scar across what was once my left breast, that takes place of where my nipple once was? I wan to nurture it, hydrate it, moisturize it so it can blend in with the rest of my skin, and I or anyone else that looks at the site won't be so shocked by the seam. My friend Adrienne, a breast cancer survivor, says she put fresh aloe on her scar and her plastic surgeon raved about her result. I bought myself an aloe plant at the garden show in Montclair and every night, I cut a small piece off of a branch and spread its succulent nectar along the suture line. One woman in a breast cancer support group swears by unrefined coconut oil, so in the morning I use that. My plastic surgeon said that these, as well as vitamin E, are good hydration for the scar. We shall see the outcome!