April 19, 2015. I was still in the hospital after my mastectomy on April 16th. My left breast was removed and sewn back up. I wonder if they use the same sewing techniques my mom would uses as a seamstress...I have three plastic tubes coming out of my left side, under my armpit, to drain the site of fluids. My breast is bandaged up and I was waiting for my follow-up surgery on Monday, April 20th. The fact that I had been a smoker and had chemotherapy before surgery put me at risk for necrosis - deadening of the skin, and that's what had to be removed at the next surgery. I was given pain medication, but I was in so much pain that I asked for the next dose as soon as I was due. The nurse continued my Colace regimen for constipation along with a daily suppository. At 3:00 am I tried to have a bowel movement and was in so much agony from the straining that I couldn't succeed. I got up, opened the bathroom door, and felt as though I was falling through a tunnel. My forehead banged against something hard. I woke up disoriented on the floor of my hospital room. My niece Jessica was sleeping over so I called out for her and she got the nurses. They came in and put me back in bed, checking my vitals. My blood pressure was too low for more narcotics, so I was given an anti-anxiety pill to fall back asleep. My head was pounding. The nurses tied yellow socks on the foot of my bed, which meant I was "at risk for falling." Great, another label. One more thing this beast is doing to me - it feels like it just keeps shredding away at me.