It ain't pretty, but it's true. Here's a secret no one talks about....what I was succumbed to doing after a week on narcotics. I had just come home from the hospital on Tuesday, April 21. The next day my friend Gala came in from the New York City to spend the night with me since my boyfriend was away. My sweet friend, she had no idea what she was in for...I was too embarrassed to tell her of the rock I felt in my colon. She called up to me on the third floor to see if I was okay, and then she heard me straining. She bought me two 2-packs of Fleets enimas. I had never done had one of these before, but there I was, ass-up on the bathroom floor administering not one, but 2 Fleets enemas to myself. I was still screaming and straining with no progress. Gala was trying on my colorful wigs. I called my plastic surgeon crying from fear and he advised me to go to the Emergency Room so they could disimpact me - he'd see me in the morning, I'd be staying overnight. Barely having unpacked my pillow, blanket, laptop, etc from my stay, we packed it all up again. Gala drove me and several bags, at 11:00 pm, the half hour to the hospital. It hurt to sit - my stool was poking out and wouldn't move one way or the other. The nurses took me in about forty-five minutes after I was moaning in the waiting room, I couldn't believe I was back in the hospital. This damn beast was putting up such a fight - hadn't it already won? It took my breast off, my womanhood, my sensuality! The six hours I was in the ER, I got my abdomen x-rayed, drank Miralax and got an enema. My belly was so full that I was screaming in pain, the kind you ladies belt out when your baby is on its way. I was pissing and soiling myself on my cot. Gala was eating Combos and trying to stay awake. It was difficult to get a nurse because they were all paying attention to the psychotic woman in the other room - and where were these surgeons that were supposed to disimpact me? An ER tech finally took me to the bathroom and held my hand while I cried and wailed. I wanted to just pull the waste out of I determinedly asked for a plastic glove, stuck my finger up my anus and dug the stiff chunks of feces out of my body....the sounds turned to cries of relief. I was so humiliated that my life had come to me in the ER at 6:00 am with my finger stuck up my ass and a smile on my face. I felt like I had crossed a threshold of humankind and given birth out of my rear. I shared this experience with several people only to find out they had the same experience themselves. People, share your secrets - there is no use in keeping these to yourself, I could have saved myself hours of pain and misery!