When I started my Taxol chemotherapy, I was in excruciating pain from the Neulasta shot so my oncologist prescribed Percocet, to take as needed. I was afraid of the side effects, namely addiction, but that was not what I experienced. I wasn't warned about the binding effect it would have on my colon, so I learned the "hard" way. After a few days on Percocet, it became increasingly difficult and painful to have a bowel movement, to the point where it burned. My boyfriend bought me hemorrhoid cream to soothe the pain, and when I applied it, I felt a little bubble on the outside of my anus. I was afraid, now what was happening to me - would I need an operation? I googled hemorrhoid images and diagnosed myself. Great, on top of chemotherapy, pain, Percocet, fear and loneliness, I had to deal with hemorrhoids! I've had enough doctors appointments, now I have to fit in a visit with my gastroenterologist. He prescribed Colace, Senokot, Metamucil, a sitz bath, plenty of water and of course, leafy greens to me today. He also gave me anal cream. Seriously, I am not feeling sexy. It doesn't matter to my home life because the riffs between my boyfriend and I have already landed us in separate bedrooms - I feel like this beast just keeps on taking from me and I land defeated.