I do many things to help me process my feelings about this new-found journey, and art therapy is one of them. I made this vision board in a class offered at Overlook Hospital; I suggested we take the five weeks to make something positive to look at involving future goals and aspirations. Ever since I watched The Secret several years ago, I've had the same vision board: exercise, travel, good friends, graduating from Middlebury College, studying in Florence, Italy and falling in love. After a radical change in my life, I feel it is time to update my board: Fearless you. Radiant fashion. Thank you. Paris + Roma. Beautiful Italian Travel. Zen. Delight, Live happy now. Love life. Color your life. No remorse. Money. Social network. Radiant. Follow your bliss. Design. Feeling like it's time to shine! Chase your dreams. Your ultimate miracle. Italian inspired. "I encourage women." Playing with friends. Budding lifestyle guru. You can. La vie best belle. Easy Breezy summer girl. I've framed it and placed it in front of my bed so it's always in my line of sight; I hope all of these come true. After cancer, I don't hold back in wanting to fulfill my wildest dreams; I want to live life to the fullest and not apologize for it.