Easter is a time of rebirth...I love going to church and seeing everyone dressed in their Easter best. This year I've been invited to my brother's house to celebrate, where the house is full of children; I wanted to go, but was hesitant - I'm tired of being the "cancer patient." Extended family would be there which I haven't spoken to since my diagnosis, and I want to avoid spending the day answering medical questions; at least, that's what I'm projecting. I don't want to feel different, so I'm choosing to stay home. The beast is rearing its ugly head in the form of negative self-talk, and wants me to isolate instead of be with family. My boyfriend and I are at odds, so he took his teenagers and their mother out for an elegant Easter lunch, without inviting me. I'm home alone and I still haven't heard from my family. My friend Jennifer Finkelstein visited from New York City and brought me some gourmet chocolate - I devoured an entire chic! It was the only chocolate I got for Easter, the only love I felt.