Chemotherapy puts women into early menopause. On top of vomiting, feeling nauseous, dizzy, weak, feverish, forgetful and achy, I get to experience hot flashes! My symptoms are coming at any part of the day or night, so I dress like I was living in San Francisco - in layers. I'm prepared to take off a layer or two and put it back on as soon as I cool off. I find this inconvenient and humiliating, so I only socialize with close friends and go to public places where no one knows me - like Target - just in case a hot flash comes and I have to disrobe and pull off my wig, revealing the peach fuzz on my head. I can't enjoy my regular activities, like going to the movies, seeing a play, visiting a museum or even go out to dinner because I never know when this beast will come out in the form of clammy skin and bursts of heat and I'll have to excuse myself and whip out my hand held fan, to quell this fierce dragon inside. At night, my body creates a pool of sweat which makes spooning with my boyfriend a distant memory. I dodn't feel right in my own skin; I feel like I'm on a haunted house ride and never know which horrible experience is around the corner.