My feline loves: Luca is a cuddler and Sophia is like a teenager - she wants attention but doesn't stick around long. Luca reminds me of Garfield; unless you're feeding him, he doesn't want to be bothered. I sense they can tell something has been awry for months; they've been staying close by my side as I binge-watch television shows, nap and crochet. Luca is loyal and caring, he finds his place in the nook of my armpit and spoons with me when I'm lying down. I cuddle him and nudge my nose in the crook of his neck and listen to him purr; it's the most comfortable position because it's like having a furry, live, warm teddy bear. Sophia comes around and wags her furry, Maine Coon tail to lets her presence be known, then walks away. I rescued these cats seven years ago, now hey are reducing me. 

Chiara D'AgostinoComment