I thought if Samantha can look fabulous with breast cancer on Sex and the City, then I can too! I accompanied my boyfriend to New Orleans on his business trip just in time for the Mardi Gras parades! Fascinated by the colors, I approached a couple of women and asked where they shopped for their neon do...since I have to wear wigs, I mine as well have fun with them! I found Fifi Mahony's to have the best quality wigs in New Orleans at a reasonable price, with great customer service! They seated me and brought me various styles and shades, playing along with me and trimming the bangs after I bought my wigs; I decided on seven alternate personas! The women to my right were shopping for fun colors, while the woman to my left was hairless like me; we traded breast cancer stories. I felt comforted to be near a woman going through a similar experience. She was at a different stage then me, I was envious of her eyebrows and eyelashes. She already had implants - her chest looked nice, and that gave me hope! Once home, I wore my colorful hair-dos around town and got plenty of attention, positive attention, not the frowning-eyes kind I had gotten used to. Strangers struck up conversations with me and asked if I was in a rock band! Sometimes I forgot I was wearing a bright wig and would wonder why people were staring at me, lol. I played with my cancer for a bit and laughed with it for a little while. 

Wigs: http://fifimahonys.com