My first surgery was April 20th, 2015. The Wall Street Journal came to my house to film me getting ready, following me to Saint Barnabas Medical Center. My boyfriend, mother and a few friends came with me. I was scared, but I held close to what my holistic healer, Chris, told me during our last session: she saw me in the operating room and everyone in the room, including me, each had three figures around us, making sure surgery went well. She sensed that I was being looked after and that I would be okay. I counted on those spirits, and imagined the operating room multiply and brighten with white, healing light. Dr. Michele Blackwood, my breast surgeon, and Dr. Ross Cooperman, my plastic surgeon and the anesthesiologist all greeted me with a reassuring smile as they confirmed information. I held my red rosary beads, rubbing the beads and interlacing the string through my fingers. These beads brought me back to the evenings, just months ago when I was lump-free, when I'd go to the Basilica di Santo Spirito to pray the rosary with my little old Italian friend, Maria Emilia; the repetitive praying always put me in a calm trance, close to God and Mary. My mom cried as she saw me being wheeled away. The last thing I can remember is Dr. Blackwood talking to me about the Duomo in Florence - then I was out and in their hands.