I get it, I shouldn't air my dirty laundry on social media. Recently, following chemotherapy, my boyfriend and I had an intense argument (you can see where this is going) and I revealed to the public that I was told to move out. I wasn't capable of bearing the verbal abuse anymore, I had surpassed my limit. The beast had me feeling alone, lonely, angry, terrified, tired and isolated, so I reached for help on a platform where I knew I could communicate with many people at once. I was tired of feeling muzzled and I needed relief, desperately. My boyfriend got enraged; he's a very private person who cares about his image. Once I posted my diagnosis on Facebook, my "friends" closely follow me. Many of them offered support and those that didn't, judged me; my sister made her extra bedroom available and my boyfriend shut down. I understand this course of communication wasn't ideal, but I had poison, steroids, narcotics, hormones and fear fluctuating through my body; my rational mind wasn't functioning. I removed the post to appease my boyfriend, explaining I didn't do it to hurt him, that I was expressing my true experience, that I didn't feel safe at home. What drove a deeper wedge between us, drew my friends closer to me.