It's been a long week, I've been moving out of my boyfriend's house and into a dear friend's house, from one third floor to the other third floor. It's hot in attics, and in June. I drove into Brooklyn to get photographed by Allison Michael Orenstein for the Wall Street Journal article that's coming out soon, and spent the weekend with my friend Jaime in her brownstone. Her Italian mother-in-law made us a delicious barbecued fish dinner Friday night; I love little old Italian mothers! Saturday we took the N train to Coney Island, it was a beautiful sunny day! I was lathered with SPF 50; apparently chemotherapy makes your skin as sensitive as baby skin. I wore this cute halter top I bought in Florence, Italy last year. The first time I wore it, and I was braless. I'm lopsided, since only one breast has been operated on, but hopefully the polka-dots created an illusion. I can't wait until both breast are reconstructed and I can go strapless and be perky! This weekend, the sunshine and good company were all I could ask for; I had a smile plastered on my face. When the going gets tough, forge ahead and do what makes you happy!


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