Still heading to church on Sundays in New York City, this seems to be my new routine. I found an Italian mass on Carmine Street, at Our Lady of Pompeii. I usually attend mass regularly, but after spending ten months in Florence, Italy last year and going to elegant churches adorned with Renaissance art, I lost my passion for mass in the United States. Afterwards, I met with my good friend Tania, whom I taught Italian with years ago. Both Scorpios, we understand each other well. She couldn't stop complimenting me on my hair, and I got lots of admiration from strangers too. That feels nice, especially when my self-esteem is on the mend. I chose to wear this dress today because the pockets hide my lopsided breasts. The necklace was bought recently from talented Italian vendors outside the church. Again, something to distract the eyes from the mishap on my chest. It was a hot one, so Tania and I opted for the best, organic gelato - staying true to our Italian roots: Grom.  Nothing like a good friend to laugh with, and enjoy the simple things in life- like gelato melting through our fingers on a hot spring day!


Necklace "Le Primitive":