What a gorgeous woman Italia Ricci is, and her on-screen boyfriends are lookers, too! I tried watching The C Word and it depressed me. I got through only the first hour of Ken Burns' Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies before I wanted to bury my head under a pillow and hide forever. Then I found Chasing Life, a modern show with a good-looking cast about a young, budding journalist who learns she has leukemia. The episodes follow her as she navigates her emotions, goes to support groups, loses new friends to the deadly disease, tells her family, friends and bosses about her diagnosis, goes through treatment more than once and gets involved in romantic relationships. I find it to be a realistic drama that shows the true parts of cancer, including the hard and ugly sides, and doesn't dwell. It's helpful for me to watch this show; I can relate to it -  a young woman bravely going through cancer, holding on to her job and her life because she believes in her future.