I've been watching so much television as I gain my strength back. My recent show is Gossip Girl; I love following the beautiful, young ladies through their lives on the Upper East Side, New York City. I developed a crush on Blake Lively, the absolutely gorgeous but simple girl-next-door. The women on this set dress so fabulously, like a modern-day Sex and the City. As the episodes developed, I noticed myself staring at Blake's healthy cleavage. I wondered: what's going on with me? I have cleavage envy: how lucky the lovely Blake is to have real breasts! How do they not slide out of her outfits, do they put tape on them like they did to J. Lo when, in 2000, she wore a low-cut Versace gown to the Grammy's. Will my boobs be perky like a young twenty-something?  Will I not have to worry about bra straps showing? That would be pretty cool!