I have three drains coming out of my left side, i.e. three long plastic tubes with pouches at the end, that capture the fluid from my breast. Every day I have to empty them into a measuring cup and record the amount and color. The photo on the right is of me now, with only two drains; I took it to text to my plastic surgeon, Dr. Ross Cooperman; I was fearful of all the blood on my clothes. It's not sexy to have drains; I wear button down shirts because I can't lift my left arm over my head after the lymph nodes were removed. The only loose, cheap shirts I could find are pajama tops at H&M, so I pin my drains to the inside of the top hoping no one notices the large lump on my side. I feel like a circus freak - I have one regular breast, one non-breast, and a lump on my side that looks like a breast. Seeing plastic tubing coming out of me is not easy. My body feels invaded - plastic should not be coming out of my body! It's a surreal reminder of what's just happened to me.