What does that mean, the new normal? I've been hearing it for months now, and would love for someone to define it. Does it mean I get a special mug at Starbucks, a parking spot in every lot, priority boarding on airplanes? There's no set definition because the new normal is different for each person. Each person responds differently, mentally, physically and emotionally to their diagnosis. Circumstances around each person change; partners, relationships, careers and goals may change. Certainly, the body changes and the mind always wonders when and if the cancer will return. I try and live every day like it is a present, because, after being faced with my mortality, every new day is a gift. I feel a rebirth after cancer, and an immediacy to treat my body and soul with tender loving care. I am still in the process of getting to the other side of treatment, and I am praying and hoping that my new normal will be one with joy, fulfillment, abundance, serenity, peace and longevity.