Nine days after my mastectomy and one month after my last chemo treatment, I followed up with my breast surgeon, Dr. Michele Blackwood. Rob, the videographer from The Wall Street Journal came to film the appointment for their article on double mastectomy. I wanted to be presentable since I was being videotaped; for the first time since surgery, I swapped my pajama top and sweatpants for skinny jeans and a blouse. As I applied makeup, I noticed hair lining my eyes: my eyelashes had grown back! I didn't notice them coming in, they just appeared; my face is looking more like myself! Giddily, I retrieved my mascara to darken, lengthen, and define my precious lashes. My friend Adrienne was outside waiting to accompany me to my appointment and I ran into her car with a big grin on my face; we both cheered! Such simple a thing, but such monumental moment.