I received a letter today from the hospital. Grateful it wasn't another bill, I was scared; it called for a "routine screening mammogram." My mind flooded: Do I go since I want to have that breast removed in the fall anyway? I should go, what if they find more cancer in me? But the first mammogram didn't identify the 2.3 cm mass in my left breast, why bother - I have dense tissue, nothing would show up anyway! I called and made an appointment. I said something I never imagined saying "It's just a screening of my right breast, my left breast is removed." Pause, take that in: my left breast is removed. For the first time, I could relate to survivors: "they are grateful to be free of the mammograms, MRIs and doctors’ appointments necessary to monitor the other breast," Lagnado, Lucette (2015, July 10) "The Double Mastectomy Rebellion." The Wall Street Journal, pp. 1 & 8. "This is about not looking over your shoulder and waiting for the other she to drop, " Jennifer Finkelstein eloquently expressed.