I attend weekly mediation class with my holistic healer, Judy Becker. Before we start our practice, she guides us to envision a cloud in the room and suggests us to place all of our thoughts in the cloud. After a couple of minutes of envisioning, she instructs us to push the cloud out of the room with our out-breath and watch the cloud melt away by the sun. She's gotten such positive response to (what I call) "clouding" that she encourages us to do it at night before going to sleep; clearing ourselves of unhealthy feelings and thoughts allows us to be open to goodness. I like this idea, so I asked if I could even place people in the cloud; she said absolutely! Judy encourages "clouding" at any time of the day, whenever experiencing an uncomfortable feeling. I envision having my personal big, white, fluffy cloud that I burden with my encumbrances, and it carries them off to melt in the sun, taking the weight from me. Hahhhhhhhh, I feel lighter already, try it!