The Double Mastectomy Rebellion: Defying Doctors, More Women With Breast Cancer Choose Double Mastectomies was featured in The Wall Street Journal today! It's been months in the making: Lucette Lagnado the prize-winning reporter, diligently interviewed me for months; videographers Robert Libetti and Todd Cross faithfully followed suit. The seventeen minute video, entitled "Chiara's Choice" features me with my holistic healer Judy Becker, at a breast cancer support group meting at SHARE, at my radiation oncology appointment with Dr. Alison Grann, at my Boob-bye party, getting wheeled into surgery at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, getting my expander expanded by my plastic surgeon Dr. Ross Cooperman and at my mastectomy bra fitting. This documentary is a true testament to some of the struggles faced during my breast cancer diagnosis.  

How was I chosen to be interviewed? Lucette contacted SHARE and asked if they could recommend a woman going through the decision-making process of surgery; SHARE contacted me. I willingly complied, sharing my story with the hopes of comforting other women on the same journey and shedding a light on the difficulties faced for those who haven't come near a cancer diagnosis, yet.