I just have to post photos of the long, blonde, wavy hair I had to part with due to cancer. I chose these photos, taken in Cinque Terre, Italy, summer 2013 because my hair sparkled in that Ligurian sun. I had gotten used to styling it - I did nothing: I went for the wavy, bedhead look. I had fun being a blonde, it happened by accident when a stylist in Perugia, Italy gave me so many highlights in 2011 that it changed my look - I enjoyed it! People ask me if I'll keep the grey, natural color I have now that my hair is growing back; they say it looks good on me. The answer is no. Unless I get a job modeling my grey hair, then I will be coloring it and adding extensions as soon as humanly possible. It's nice to know I can rock the short, silver look, but I miss the long, blonde one! It was stripped from me, and I want it back asap. Someone - well, a good looking, Portuguese/American man I often see at Starbucks recently told me I used to look like Gidget, and he just wanted to pull my which I replied "I like getting my hair pulled!"