I'm unemployed through my cancer treatments and surgeries. Yes, I have heard of the cousin/aunt/sister/friend who worked her way through cancer treatments, good for her; that's not me. Due to my circumstances, I'm temporarily dependent on the generosity of others. A few more surgeries in the next several months to remove and reconstruct my breasts, I'm fervent to start my dream job and regain independence. Relying on others for room and board comes with a price: I'm required to pay back my debtors with menial labor. Although earnest to give back - I don't take acts of kindness for granted - I associate with Cinderella, the unwanted step-sister who has to earn her way into society. The beast degrades me; an unemployed cancer patient who gains the roof over her head jumping through household hoops, told what I do isn't enough. I may look well on the outside, expected to behave a certain way, but inside - only those diagnosed with cancer can relate: healing takes time and energy; I cannot wait to wrangle control of my life again.

Those thoughtful enough to give from the heart unconditionally: karma reciprocates organically.