Six lymph nodes were removed during my mastectomy in April, all - thank God- cancer free! One of the possible side effects of lymph node removal is lymphedema, a swelling: a collection of high-protein fluid beneath the skin. Gratefully, I haven't had any issues with lymphedema; however before taking a local flight, I was advised by a survivor to look into wearing a compression sleeve and gauntlet: the cabin pressure may increase swelling for those even at risk for lymphedema. I consulted with my breast surgeon, Dr. Michele Blackwood, and she confirmed the use of the compression garments. Great, I'm going to deplane with a sleeve and glove on, so not sexy! The National Lymphedema Network also recommends their use; I received the message loud and clear and my insurance approved. Unfortunately, the order didn't arrive until my return from Florida, and, as some women at SHARE cancer support group experienced, I was fine flying without the compression sleeve and gauntlet. I do own the garments now - they are tucked away in my closet; I hope I'll never have to use them, but if so, my bedazzler is coming out!!