Praying the rosary is a practice I started in Florence last year- in Italian, of course. I've always wondered what Catholics were murmuring while holding the revered beaded string; each time I picked up a guide, I was perplexed by the instructions. Maria Emilia Gallicchio clarified the mystery for me, placing my fingers on the correct beads as we prayed with other worshipers Saturday nights at the Basilica di Santo Spirito. The repetitive chanting of prayer transports me into a state of relaxation, contemplating my love and devotion to Mary, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit; very comforting. Recently, the spiritual succession of prayers has returned into my life, thanks to the women at Mary's Place By The Sea: Thursday mornings they gather to pray the rosary, led by the steadfast Ann; I drive the hour to join them. I'm so grateful to - once again - have a routine where I am communicating, with others votaries, to Mary, the intercessor; it fills my heart and soul with spiritual love.