The Clam Chowder at The Blue Pig Tavern in Cape May has always been my favorite. I grew up visiting the quaint Jersey shore getaway in the summers, finding peace and serenity in its pristine beaches and beautiful sunsets. The sound of the waves and the feeling of sand between my toes and sun on my skin is a recipe for tranquility; it's no wonder this is where I come when I need a sanctuary. This summer I've been making it a habit to come to this hopping restaurant, attached to Congress Hall, and sit at table 74; the two-top next to a plug for my laptop. Jordan the welcoming manager knows this is where I like to sit. With the sounds of the piano from the Brown Room spilling into the dining room, I plug in and order a combination of my favorite dishes: the Farm Salad with fresh ingredients from their Beach Plum Farm (topped with fennel shavings, my favorite!), a bowl of their creamy Clam Chowder, lightly fried Crab Cakes, filled with chunks of savory crab meat, or a juicy, hand pressed Sirloin Burger. Before my diet, I indulged in their Flourless Chocolate Ganache Cake, so dense and mouth watering!

Flossie, my first waitress of the season, invited me to sit as long as I wanted; I drank endless cups of decaf coffee, blogging details of my cancer journey, Flossie swinging by now and again with her bubbly, big grin, offering me refills and stories of her new kitten. Every server since has been just as attentive and kind, and the food never disappoints. The environment is lively; crowds of well-dressed vacationers roam the impeccable grounds, stylish wedding parties fill the Boiler Room, dancing jovially to live music. 

I have a routine at The Blue Pig, I feel welcome here, I'm known here, I was here the weekend of July 10th when my feature article in The Wall Street Journal came out. I return frequently to sit on the grounds or in a nearby cafe to blog. I'm blessed to have a compassionate friend who lets me stay at her house, just blocks away from the center of town. Thank you Sharon, Jordan, Flossie, and all of the people that make Exit Zero a special place.  

Chiara D'AgostinoComment