B, C, D or Double D?

Since my mastectomy, I've been visiting my breast surgeon, Dr. Ross Cooperman every other week to get my expanders filled 60 ml. Yesterday's fifth expansions resulted in mounds, that when I looked down, are finally full enough to simulate boobs! The answer to the most common question since my mastectomy, will you get bigger breasts with reconstruction? is a resounding YES! But how far down the alphabet will I go?

While walking around NYC last night with my girl friend, I felt something familiar that I hadn't felt in over a year: sexy. I once again have what so many beauties accessorize on the streets of Manhattan - BOOBS, those wonderful shapes that protrude from my blouse, defining my sex. Finally, I could compete again; I'm not physically "less than" because my breasts have been removed and altered. 

So, if I go bigger, will I feel sexy-er? I'm not looking to go gigantic, just bigger than the B/C cup I genetically inherited, because, well, why not? I've seen some perfect breasts - recalling the Paris burlesque shows; most women, given the choice, would like to alter their size or shape, and I am one of them.

Since my fate was breast cancer, resulting in a double mastectomy, I mine as well go for the look I want - not for you guys, but for my own comfort zone. The few of you that think "Well, at least you get a free boob job!" I'd like to clarify that nothing about this horrifying, draining, life-altering and life-threatening breast cancer experience was free; I would trade it all to have my natural, imperfect breasts back any day. 

I'm making lemonade out of lemons, or cantaloupes, and trusting my plastic surgeon in the process. #ingoodhands