The time I stuffed my sock into my underwear

Nineteen months, that's how long it's been since my last menstrual cycle; chemotherapy does that to women - it shuts our ovaries down, launching us into early menopause. I don't miss having a bloody mess between my legs every month; in fact it's one result of the Beast I'm grateful for - I got to take the fast train through the "change of life."

An oddly familiar thing happened tonight, my panties were instantaneously soaked through to my jeans (and not because I was excited)! Stunned, has my period returned? I've been told this could happen; in my case it would not be welcome, I'm done shuffling between tampons and sanitary napkins! With a fresh pair of underwear and pants, the episode recurs moments later, this time nectar slowly flowing down each thigh. What is happening, should I call my oncologist after hours? Should I google "post-menopause clear fluid soaking myself?" I assume it's another one of those side effects I learn about after the fact, as has happened several times before on this torrid cancer journey. The EMT in me kicks in as I focus on resolution: absorption. Lacking the appropriate supplies, a thick cotton sock improvises, folded in my fresh undies. #Sistersurvivors, has this happened to you?