Welcome! I'm Chiara, triple negative breast cancer survivor; here is my journey, I hope it helps you!




I still have two drains in, can you tell? Ten days ago I was discharged from the hospital after my mastectomy. I'm wearing loose clothing on purpose; the drains are pinned to the inside of my shirt. Luckily, it's a breezy day in NYC so I can get away with wearing a light cardigan. I had the scarf draped around me intentionally covering my mastectomy site - a trick I learned from a fellow survivor. I had just bought the necklace, in the shape of rosary beads, on Prince and Mulberry Street. As I was chatting with the street vendor, a Japanese fashion photographer approached me and asked if he could photograph me. I was surprised; I felt unattractive, and thought I was doing a good job at being invisible. In his eyes, it was the opposite - he said in Japan, women don't shave their heads, and that he liked my style. He asked if he could include my photo on his fashion blog, and I was flattered. This was the first time I had been in public without a hat or a wig. He made my day!

Sunglasses: www.burberry.com

Earrings: www.sorrelli.com

Scarf: www.lookbym.com

Shirt: www.jcrew.com

Candy Bag: www.furla.com

Shoulder Bag: www.anthropologie.com

Necklace: www.nolannyc.com

Rings: www.pomellato.com

Cardigan: www.stefanel.com

Pants: www.lululemon.com

Sneakers: www.leathercrown.it