My name is Briana Ferrentino I am a former student of Chiara D'Agostino. Professoressa D'Agostino taught Italian at DePaul Catholic High School. She became much more to her students than a teacher she took on many roles for us sometimes a friend, confidant, and advice-giver. 
Recently, our beautiful, happy, caring, intelligent, brave, and adventourous teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has undergone many rounds of chemo and a double mastectomy. She has become weak and tired barely being able to walk without fainting. She has to rely on the help of others for most of the day. She has been fighting her cancer at full force maintaining as much of a positive attitude as she can considering her circumstances. Unfortunately though her medical bills have piled up and she is not in a good financial state right now. Besides having to fight off this cancer she is constantly worrying where she is going to get the money to pay her bills. She no longer can afford to live on her own and barely has money for lifes necessities. With all this being said let us help Professoressa D'Agostino to only have to focus on one thing BEATING this cancer and not have to constantly stress about finances when she is fighting for her life. Any donation is greatly appreciated and would help so much.

Thank you!