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Oprah Magazine, page 130, September 2016 issue: The Ageless spread, photographed by the amazing Gentl and Hyers

My modeling agency sent me this casting call for a woman who's gone through a difficult time and come out stronger, so I auditioned and got the spot. The blurb reads: "In 2014 I was diagnosed with Stage II triple-negative breast cancer. I found the lump on the eve of my 43rd birthday, the month after my dad died. I had chemotherapy and two mastectomies. After the first surgery, my boyfriend broke up with me — when I moved out, I still had drains in my side. But I’m even more resilient now. I threw a ‘boob-bye’ party before each mastectomy and started a blog (www.beautythroughthebeast.com) for other women going through this. I feel strong these days because I’m alive."

I'm honored to represent resilience, as this journey of breast cancer has presented me with opportunities to learn many lessons.