SmartBridge Health swooped in at the right time! 

Recently diagnosed with stage 4 triple-negative breast cancer, my oncologist gave me a list of eighty-four clinical trials to pick from. Distressed, I didn’t know where to start and every place I turned to for help fell short - what medical specialist could help me narrow down this search? In person, oncologists specialize only the trials conducted at the medical facility where they work – I was looking for an un-biased specialist with a bird’s eye view. 

Serendipitously, SmartBridge found ME through my breast cancer blog Beauty Through the Beast and I jumped at the opportunity to receive an expert second opinion. Dr. Jeremy Force from Duke University called me that afternoon to introduce himself and learn my questions – I felt heard. Dr. Force offered to provide me a list of his top five choices of clinical trials best suited for me after reviewing my medical records and attending that week’s American Society of Clinical Oncology conference – a sigh of relief!

Simultaneously, I visited NYC specialists and signed consent for the exact type of clinical trial that Dr. Force highlighted in his comprehensive consult, cementing my decision. 

What a great service to be able to share with cancer patients that reach out via my blog seeking advice but limited in resources due to geographic location, we can rest assured knowing that an expert second opinion by Smartbridge Health is just a phone call away!